Internship Opportunities
TBAEP has members from a multitude or companies and organizations in the Tampa Bay Area. Many of them have structured intern programs. Although there is no guarantee that there are openings, the list below is a good place to start looking. 
Southwest Florida Water Management District
Environmental Protection Commission
The Southwest Florida Water Management District (the District) has a very structured internship program. They offer paid opportunities and their internships are listed on their career page. 
The Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County has a very structured intern program. Interns typically are assigned to one area but are offered opportunities to try out other jobs in the different departments. These internships are not paid and coincide with college semester timeframes.
District Career Page
EPCHC Intern Page
Pinellas County Environmental Management
Tampa Bay Area General Search
The Pinellas County office for volunteers is the contact for student internships.   Their phone number is 727-464-8477. 
This source has internships with private companies, enter your search criteria including "environmental". 
Pinellas Volunteer Page
Seeking Additional Intern Opportunities
If you're company or agency has an on-going internship program that you would like for us to provide here for our Students' Benefit please contact us!